Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ok,so we rented Casablanca on On Demand,BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT it wouldn't let us watch it DD:
and I REALLY wanted to see it.It was gonna be my first time watching it DD:
Stupid TV Dx

I got up to Ep 36 of Shugo Chara today!:DD

Im SO EXCITED for the new harry potter& new moon movies!!x]]
Wouldn't it be hilarious if harry showed up in New Moon calling Edward Cedric and them bickering about it?xDD
"I'm not Cedric-.-' "
lolz xDDD

Friday, April 10, 2009

L,the World's Greatest Detective

Those were some pictures of my cosplaying as L,the world's greatest detective :]]
Tell me,Do I look like him?<3
L Lawliet (エル・ローライト ,Eru Rōraito?), commonly referred to by his alias "L" (エル ,Eru?), is a fictional character in the manga, anime and film series Death Note. L is considered the world's greatest detective, whose identity remains unknown before the story takes place because he has never revealed himself to the public. L takes on the Kira investigation in the first arc. The character of L is portrayed by Ken'ichi Matsuyama in Death Note, Death Note: The Last Name and L: Change the World.
L, who also uses the aliases Hideki Ryuga (流河 旱樹 ,Ryūga Hideki?), Ryuzaki (竜崎 ,Ryūzaki?), Eraldo Coil (エラルド=コイル ,Erarudo Koiru?), and Deneuve (ドヌーヴ ,Donūvu?), the latter two for which he has developed reputations as the second- and third-best detectives in the world, is quite secretive and only communicates with the world through his assistant Watari. He never shows his face to the world, instead representing himself with a capital L in Cloister Black font. After meeting the Kira investigation team, he requests that the task force refer to him as Ryuzaki for discretion. The Kira investigation team never learns his true name. Ohba said that L is the smartest character in the manga because "the plot requires it."[12] Ohba also said that he personally views L as "slightly evil";[13] for instance, in chapter 109, Near discloses the fact that L claimed to pursue cases out of personal interest with no great sense of justice.
When asked about L's nationality, Ohba responded saying "I think of him as a quarter Japanese, a quarter English, a quarter Russian and... maybe a quarter French or Italian? Something like that."[3]
L's disheveled and languid appearance masks his great powers of deduction and insight. He tends to second-guess everything he is presented with, and is extremely meticulous and analytical. He has several quirks such as preferring to crouch rather than sit, eating only sweet foods like desserts and fruits, and holding items very delicately. L stayed in England for five years, and during that time he was the champion in tennis for the England Junior Cup. L also secretly assumes the identities of the world's second and third best detectives (Eraldo Coil and Deneuve respectively).
L suspects early in the investigation that Light Yagami is Kira, but can not obtain any concrete evidence. In several situations, Light seems to be proven innocent by the circumstances, but L remains skeptical. If Light were Kira, the case would be solved, and L has trouble letting go of this simple and complete solution. L can easily present his conclusions publicly at any time, and with his reputation, is taken seriously.
Because of his initial suspicions of Light, L decides to join To-Oh University, the university that Light attends, using the name of Hideki Ryuga for investigative purposes. L attends To-Oh because he feels confidence in his reasoning skills and wishes to test them. He also intends to tell Light that he can "take the offensive." L understands that his act is dangerous and since he understands Light's thought process he feels confident that Light will not kill him at that point.[15]
After L introduces himself as Ryuga, Light does not attempt to kill him since the name is conspicuously fake. Also, he has no way to know at the time whether the person is the real L or a proxy acting under orders. Light also reasons that L would have already introduced himself to Light's father earlier, and thus that if he somehow killed L, he would be easily uncovered as Kira. When Light discovers his "Hideki Ryuga" alias, Light fears that if he writes this name in the Death Note, the face of the pop singer from which the alias was derived would enter Light's head and therefore Light would inadvertently kill the pop idol. This would lead L to the obvious conclusion that Light is Kira.[16]
Whenever L gives percentages to indicate how much he suspects a person of committing a crime, such as "five percent," in reality he means over 90 percent. Although L gives Light a low percentage indicating how much he suspects Light, in reality L is "pretty certain" that Light is Kira. Ohba said about L, "The truth is, he's a liar. [laughs]"[15]
In Chapter 58, Light tricks Rem into killing L for his own personal gain, making her believe that she must kill him for the sake of Misa's life. L's last sight before death is Light triumphantly smiling over his defeated rival, and in his last moment L confirms to himself that Light is the first Kira. In episode 25 of the anime, prior to L's death Light and L talk to each other for one last time on the roof of the investigation building; some viewers believed that L, somehow, knew that his death was drawing near.[17]
Death Note: How To Read 13 revealed many facts about L. His true birth name is L Lawliet. His date of birth is Halloween of 1979 (1982 in the anime), making him 25 when he dies on November 5, 2004 (2007 in the anime).[1] His height and weight are estimated to be 179 centimeters and 50 kilograms[18] (5 feet and 10 inches and 110 pounds[1]). His blood type is "unknown."[1] It is implied that L was a former resident of Wammy's House, one of Watari's orphanages, as well as a safe haven and educational facility specifically for intellectually-gifted children. Therefore, similar to Near and Mello, L's abilities were discovered while living there, and he is most likely an orphan.
In chapter 38 of the manga, L suggests that even though he eats only sweet foods, he remains underweight because the brain uses the most calories of any organ in the body. He also says that if he sits normally, his reasoning ability would drop 40%.[19]
Ohba said that his favorite human character in the series was L as Ohba believed that L was the "strongest" character in the series "besides Light." Obata chose L as his favorite due to "appearance, personality, everything." Obata said that he could never have created L and that he enjoyed drawing L.[20] Obata added that because of this, L is not "real" to him and therefore he likes that aspect of L. In response to the question "Who was the most fun to draw?" both Ohba and Obata answered "L."[21]

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Why do People Have to be So Mean?

Let's just say I had a bad Day.
1)At luch I got hit in the head with a rock>.>
[I'm STILL trying to find out who threw it]
2)On my way home I passed by two girls & they started making fun of me because I'm emo/gothic TT-TT
3)There is a possible chance of the School Play being canceled TT-TT

On the bright side I get to go to Martial Arts for Tip Testing,Have Homework to do, AND I'm STILL Trying to get over my Best Guy Friend's Death!DX

I'm just happy that Mummy let me have some M&M's

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Thursday, January 15, 2009


here is a picture drew during English class because I was bored.
I really do not know what is either>.<

Sunday, November 23, 2008

my disneyland pics

let's get this day started.
me and minnie.

the cool phone at california adventure.

will's shop.

jack sparrow checks out my gauntlet gloves and tells me to stop swimming with the octopuses, love. cause of my purple hair.

tink's friends.
pixie power. a first to meet tink.

the boss and me.

life of becky